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C O L L E C T I O N 0 3
The image above has completely hypnotized me today, what a stunning portrait. The feeling, the colors and the pose have somehow inspired my day as well as that beautiful quote, reminding me to take care of myself and encouraging me to retake my yoga sessions today. Life, as usual has been incredibly busy and as always, I'm loving it. People no matter who, are such an encouragement and inspiration in my life and I happen to be working for some Artists that are so special that almost seem unreal. I'm overwhelmed and grateful.

How are you?

The Row Pre-Fall


The Row Pre-Fall
"California surf references from the '60s and '70s were Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen's starting points for Pre-Fall. A 1966 photo by LeRoy Grannis, aka "the godfather of surfphotography," turned up on their Instagram feed this morning. But this being The Row we're talking about, what we saw was not a collection of tropical prints, board shorts, and bikinis. The surfing references were subtle: zip closures, zigzag stitching of the kind you find on wet suits, fabrics backed with scuba neoprene. Otherwise, it was very much in keeping with the sisters' previous work: American sportswear as pared back as it is luxurious—austere and graceful in equal measure."

Ágnes Chardonnay


Branding: Ágnes Chardonnay
The Ágnes Chardonnay brand is responsibility of Kristóf Kőmíves. Ágnes is a true quality wine, matured in barrels. The special mirror-like material of the drop stop foil symbolizes the oily feature of the wine. The pattern runnig on the side of the label refers to the barrel (and the finom seprő.) The packaging also shares an easy recipe expressly recommended for this wine.

Wallpapers by Cocorina


Wallpapers by Cocorina
Hi everyone! This is Corina from My calendar says that today is the first day of Spring, and oddly enough it’s the first sunny day we’ve had on my island in about a month. Hope you’re having a really awesome, sunny springy day. To get your desktop in the mood, i created a couple of wallpapers with a bit of love for sunlight and new beginnings. Enjoy!!

Links to download wallpapers: Heliophilia • New beginnings

A huge thank you to Corina for working on these beautiful wallpapers for Blog Milk and for guest-posting today. Loved having you here.

Linda Lundgren


Linda Lundgren
Food Stylist Linda Lundgren started out as a trained chef, but she realised she didn't want to be stuck full-time in the kitchen; she craved something more varied and creative in the world of food. Her opportunity came with the publication of her book Smak av Österlen (A Taste Of Österlen), which opened her eyes to food styling as a profession and brought freelance assignments for newspapers, magazines and advertisements. International cuisine, interesting raw materials, interior design and gardening are all things which Linda finds inspiring. She loves to make creative use of good raw materials, and her style is rustic and simple - perhaps a reflection of her upbringing in the seaside town of Simrishamn on Sweden's south coast.

via agent bauer

Collection 02.


C o l l e c t i o n 0 2 .
Days have been long recently - and after all the ups and downs I'm incredibly grateful and happy to finally be launching our new Spring / Summer Collection for Blogger. I've been itching to sit on front of my computer and code away having all our clients' requests in mind. Given the fact that I've been ill and that the weather in Brazil has been highly unpredictable these days, I finally got to the other end of this labor of love... and I couldn't be happier.

I truly (and I kid you not) love what I do. I'm willing to strive for it. For every email you send, for every happy client and for every time I see one of you rise to the top and welcome a new face in your life. Thank you for allowing me to do this. Thank you for getting to know me and for being so patient between collections. This one goes out to you. To the dreamers, to the Bloggers who are hanging on to hear good news, to the ones who feel shy and lost, to the ones who've made it and the ones who are "this close" too.

Love to you all.
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