Cofoco Italy by Norm Architects


Cofoco Italy by Norm Architects
Whenever I make reference to Norm Architects I'm wide aware that Minimalists like myself might have blogged the s-word out of it, though this I cannot let pass by. With Cofoco’s new restaurant concept “Italy” Norm Architects explored the balance between the unknown and the familiar. Creating an atmosphere that is Italian, but seen from a Scandinavian mindset. Perfectly done, as everything touched by Norm.

Summer Menu


The Perfect Summer Menu
Bo Bedre has been one of my favorite websites for a long while and now I can whole-heatedly say I've become obsessed with it. Their food posts are incredibly inviting and having tested a few of their recipes I can truly say they more than do the trick. Their Festive Menu and scrumptious Men's Dinner are on the top of my list. I'm a girl that loves her pork rinds and choose beer over wine any time. Have a look at their site and get in the kitchen now... Or later.

Photography: Anders Schønemann



This morning I'm admiring the wonderful job Fabio Ongarato did for Mecca. Renowned Australian cosmetic retailer Mecca Cosmetica’s Signature Line is the culmination of over 20 years of beauty retailing experience. The Mecca Signature Line range required a new identity and packaging that defined the qualities of the product, conveyed confidence, and added value to the consumer experience. We developed the simple yet bold concept of Mecca’s ‘Living Lab of Beauty’. A spiralling poetic typeface formed a unique graphic identity that gave voice to Mecca’s expertise. The result elevated the product whilst conveying a sense of understated luxury.

Florist Chair


Florist Chair
This amazing chair has been exclusively designed for Blacktail Florist restaurant (and its sister lounge, Kanaka) in Gastown, Vancouver, Canada by Kauf and Brown. Knauf and Brown have an unnatural obsession with studying the spaces and objects that surround life. Both partners bring strong aesthetic experience from image-based practices, Calen coming from a graphic design background, and Conrad working in photography. They place a huge importance on knowing how to balance practicality with beauty, and when to prioritize one over the other. For the duo, the relationship between function and form is complex and ever changing.



For Hair Consideration
It's been more than a while since I've taken the time to simply rant about here on the blog, but as I daily battle the state of the heat and the mess that is my hair I keep considering chopping my locks and the haircut above looks like would do the trick. Only thing is, whenever I go about cutting my hair I start missing it 48-72 hours after it's done. Do you feel the same?

Silke Bonde x Nordic Summer


Silke Bonde x Nordic Summer
The geniuses behind Brunner Studio have made my day today. Sofie Brunner, the brain of the operation is responsible for the styling of the projects above. Silke Bonde - which also happen to be my favorite posters of now, photographed by Enok Holsegaard and Nordic Summer a beautifully portrayed issue for The Nordic Courier and photographed by Mikkel Adsbøl.

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