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Collection: Stillness
I’ve been wracking my brain trying to put my thoughts into words and have you somehow know what’s been going on in my life for the past year and more importantly the past week.

I had decided to come back to blogging as soon as I was ready but I realized just a few minutes ago that most of you have been with me for a long time, through thick and thin and have celebrated with me my achievements and happy moments - so I couldn’t just sweep this one under the rug and pretend it didn’t happen.

For over a year my dad suffered from cancer, I won’t tell you all the details but as you could imagine, there’s a reason why people refer to it as a “battle”. Being a continent away from home and not being able to be close to him when he was undergoing surgeries, treatment, memory loss and a million other things, was the biggest, most anxiety-inducing roller coaster I’ve been on in my life. Every call, every message, every email caused a panic attack and it continued to be like that for a year.

Earlier this year the treatments and surgeries took their toll on my father and they discovered that after a long period of chemo, he still had cancer and was sent back home to spend his last days with his loved ones. In a matter of minutes I got the news that he was suffering from pneumonia and then it sunk in that he was going to pass away before I could even try to be there with him.

He passed away on Sunday evening. I felt a mix of relief that he wasn’t going to suffer the way he had and a deep pain that my father wasn’t going to be with us any longer, that he wasn’t going to enjoy the company of his wife, children and grandchildren that he loved so much. Weirdly enough, I wanted him to be able to comfort us. I needed my father as he was passing away.

I realized on Monday that we’d gone through so much and I had been trying to push myself above and beyond my limits, blogging on days when I felt torn inside, obsessing over the quality of work I do for my sponsors, writing a book while feeling physically out of breath from all the emotions running through my body and fighting so hard so that my business didn’t go up in flames while my life felt exactly like that.

Clearly, I understand I’m not the only person who has gone through this and the only person who will ever go through it, but as I write these words, they feel unreal to me - that I won’t see him again and at the same time, liberating. I hope you understand why I’d battle between telling you and keeping this to myself.

The fact that you know I’m not a slacker, that I do love what I do, that I do want to continue... and I want to launch that book... and the urge to continue designing beautiful blogs is still alive in me. I needed a moment of stillness, a time of silence I haven't had in a long time. I cannot in any way say I'm "recharged" but there's more calmness withing me.

I want to be able to get through this and make my father proud. I’m sure this black cloud will lift one day but in the meantime, I thank all of you for being kind and understanding, for still giving me the chance to work with you and for your kind and healing words and prayers.

Photography: Kristofer Johnsson

Collection: Stillness

Minimalism for Creatives in search of mindfulness. Blog Milk is a confluence of simplicity and inspiration, aiming to showcase the best of the Artists we love.


Vegan Cardamom Ice Cream
I'm thrilled to have gotten back to the healthy lifestyle I used to live and now I find myself at the point of indulgence. To illustrate what I mean by that just look above. Sarah's recipe for Vegan Cardamon Ice Cream will make an appearance in this weekend's menu at my place and I couldn't be happier. Snixy Kitchen is a blog jam-packed with comforting recipes and heart-warming stories that just managed to put a smile on my face and will definitely put a smile on yours.

Photography: Snixy Kitchen

Vegan Cardamom Ice Cream

The beautiful blog Dadaa. belongs to one of our sweet clients. The brilliant, Anna Pirkola - Whom you've definitely seen around the web. Anna is a Designer and Stylist... and in my opinion a heck of a blogger. Anna's work and blog are incredibly captivating. Every time I visit her I get lost for hours just going through her thoughtful and wonderful work. All my love goes out to her today.

Photography: Anna Pirkola


Mateus Ceramics
Mateus ceramics merges the essence and beauty of Portugal and Sweden in several-astonishing pieces of art. I call it art because each piece is carefully handcrafted from clay and carefully planned by brilliant Portuguese Designers and distributed across Sweden. Lucky them!

Kristofer Johnsson and Daniella Witte recently joined efforts for Mateus to create the lookbook for their latest Soft Minimal collection. Daniela's styling and Kristofer's photography, as always spot on and very appealing to every minimalist's eye.

Photography: Kristofer Johnsson
Styling: Daniella Witte

Mateus Ceramics

Silke Bonde's Looking Closer
Silke Bonde is a Graphic designer and Artist based in Copenhagen. She's also my (and most probably one of your) favorite Artists. Her beautiful printed pieces are not only stunning but inspiring. Silke's "Looking Closer" Collection encourages us to take a closer look at nature and its elements; to ponder and notice all patterns and the evolution of the elements. The use of blue and green tones are characteristic of Northern nature and its beautiful, natural palette. Silke works with watercolors to symbolize the organic shapes found in the exterior. Her minimalist approach takes us right to the Northern Countries, giving us a taste of the stillness found in the outdoors.

You can find these and more prints from Silke Bonde via her online shop and you can get free shipping by purchasing two or more prints. For more of Silke's work see her Instagram account or take a walk through Copenhagen with her.

Photography: Studio Oink

Silke Bonde's Looking Closer

Blue Baths Catering
I've spent several sleepless nights these days, which on the positive side helps me find great Artists, Projects and Shops that tickle my curiosity. Last night, I found Ryan Romanes a New Zealand-born graphic designer and art director now living in Melbourne, Australia. Ryan was asked to create a series of enticing imagery for Blue Baths to promote their in-house and new out-catering services. Enticing, yes. Scrumptious, too.

Photography: Ryan Romanes

Blue Baths Catering

Smalls Wine Bar
Smalls is a wine bar in South Melbourne with a focus on small wine producers from all over the world. The interior project is a work of art by Fiona Lynch Studio, renowned for their artistic approach to interior design. For this project the firm was requested to create a space that was intimate and reflected on the boutique nature of the small producers wine served. The end product is a perfect marriage between the bar's unique approach and intimate interiors.

Photography: Dan Hocking
Styling: Marsha Golemac

Smalls Wine Bar

The beautiful Bibelot&Token shop is based in Toronto and curated by its wonderful owner, Bianca. The shop is chock-full of items that would tickle any minimalist's fancy. From good reads to beauty products, it has it all. Above, some of my favorites: The Playtype Caledonia Jane posters. Gorgeous Chock a Block necklace by Maslo Jewelry. The scrumptious Charcoal and Aloe face cleanser by Little Barn Apothecary... and last but not least this fun Things Will Work Out pin by People I've Loved. I might be getting this one myself soon.

For these and more from Bibelot & Token visit the shop and get 15% off any purchase using the code B&T+BLOGMILK - no expiry. Give B&T some love via: Facebook Pinterest Twitter or Instagram and enjoy your shopping day.

Bibelot & Token

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