Kristina Krogh's New Collection


Kristina Krogh's New Collection
Kristina Krogh Studio is a multidisciplinary arts and design studio based in Copenhagen established by graphic designer and artist Kristina Krogh in 2012. Geometrics, contrasts, patterns and distinctively different textures are some of the things Kristina love and are strongly represented in her work. Her inspiration comes from places and objects that surrounds her; a beautiful old parquet, a marble floor in a church, stained glass windows, a bike ride through the streets of Copenhagen – among many other things. Her new collection maintains her minimalistic approach while injecting more colour and beautiful patterns and textures. As a fan / client of the Studio I advice you check out her online shop.

Images Kristina Krogh Studio

Shaina Mote Studio


A review of Shaina Mote’s clean pared down collections wouldn’t typically be associated with a youthful designer, but once you’ve met the woman herself it all makes sense. Mote’s kind and humble demeanor speaks back to the gracefulness shown through each season, saying volumes about how she exceeds her years through the skill in her craft . . .

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I hope that each one of you is having a wonderful day today, why wouldn't we, right? It's Friday after all. I wanted to take some time to thank all of you who have helped us on our research, who've completed our surveys and sent suggestions via email. We would not continue to do this is it weren't for you. The Sale we posted early last week is still going and we are planning to update the themes as they get sold out. Keep an eye on that, some of your favourite themes might be seen there for only $35. Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Love and light your way. xx Ana

Collection 04


C o l l e c t i o n 0 4 .
I know, I know... It's been the longest time since I've posted. Trust me, I've thought about it every single day. I don't even know how to start typing this or how to make this look interesting to read or find a twist that would inspire you in between all the things that have actually happened lately so I won't even try. All I have to give you is the honest story and this is it.

After years of blogging and jumping out of bed thrilled about my job and life, the start of 2015 was extremely tiring and underwhelming. I've had to deal with a sense that I was living / working in a world where everything looked the same and I started to get less and less excited. Apart from that, seeing people stealing my work, my ideas, my efforts made me feel that much tired, almost as if creating wasn't worth my time 'cause in the end someone else would copy it and put their own label on a product made originally with my sweat and tears. Enough said, right? Things were not going well.

Even though all this was happening around me and inside my head, I happened to be the type of person that keeps a sense of positivity in everything. I trust that if I've done things that have never been done before, that if in the past I've had the ability to surprise myself and feel proud about what I've created I can do it again. That's the way I'm walking now and where I'm headed. This, which I hope to be a great change has started in the smallest way. Yesterday, I launched a sale on the shop, with one goal on mind. To serve and encourage all types of Bloggers from all types of backgrounds. That is the first step, I've given it, I have a faint idea of what the future is so I'll continue striving.

New adventures, here I come!
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Cofoco Italy by Norm Architects


Cofoco Italy by Norm Architects
Whenever I make reference to Norm Architects I'm wide aware that Minimalists like myself might have blogged the s-word out of it, though this I cannot let pass by. With Cofoco’s new restaurant concept “Italy” Norm Architects explored the balance between the unknown and the familiar. Creating an atmosphere that is Italian, but seen from a Scandinavian mindset. Perfectly done, as everything touched by Norm.

Summer Menu


The Perfect Summer Menu
Bo Bedre has been one of my favorite websites for a long while and now I can whole-heatedly say I've become obsessed with it. Their food posts are incredibly inviting and having tested a few of their recipes I can truly say they more than do the trick. Their Festive Menu and scrumptious Men's Dinner are on the top of my list. I'm a girl that loves her pork rinds and choose beer over wine any time. Have a look at their site and get in the kitchen now... Or later.

Photography: Anders Schønemann

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