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Verner Panton &Tradition
&tradition brings back to life the classic, Verner Panton Flowerpot Pendant in a contemporary range of colours and it's accompanied by the feeling of the original Panton lamp for the generation of peace, love and harmony. Verner Panton started out as a painter before studying architecture at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. After an apprenticeship with architect and designer Arne Jacobsen, Panton pursued a path in furniture and interior design, where he became famous for his avant-garde designs.

Photography: AndTradition

Verner Panton x &Tradition

Minimalism for Creatives in search of mindfulness. Blog Milk is a confluence of simplicity and inspiration, aiming to showcase the best of the Artists we love.


How Not To Kill Plants
The older I get the more I feel like I'm failing at life by killing everything green that comes into my home. I've mastered killing indoor plants in such way that succulents have passed away in my living room. I'm actually a big fan of green so I decided it was time to tackle that horrible habit of buying plants and tossing them in the trash a few days later and learn how not to kill them. I recently bought 4 new plants for my apartment and did a bit of research. This article I found via Apartment Therapy helped me the most. It's simple, to the point and makes all the sense in the world. My hope is that in a few months my home would be a cozy retreat, like shown in the images above taken my Mikkel Mostensen for Elle DK and not plant-slaughter house that is right now.

Photography: Mikkel Mortensen
Styling: Amanda Smith

How Not To Kill Plants

If you have been living in this planet, then you must already know about the genius that is Glossier. Glossier started back in 2010 with the blog intothegloss.com - Founded by beauty Editors who were not afraid of trying close to anything to make the best reviews and now the best products. I find Glossier to be game-changing. It's real brand for real girls, easy to wear, 3 steps and focused on making us the priority and not the product itself. That's what caught my eye about their choice of packaging and their stunning website. It is fun, it is fresh and most importantly it's relatable.

Photography: Unknown


Soft Minimalism
Minimalism has been my life long time now and will be for many more to come. It's all about the essentials, about not over-accessorizing or owning things you don't need so it naturally focuses on function without compromising looks.

For years Minimalists have been pinned as cold because of our monochrome displays and our fidgety passion for organization.
Soft Minimalism comes to break all walls and perfectly marries contemporary and minimal. Stopping right at the point in which having less is no longer functional. It also introduces more color, rounded and classic shapes and allows you a real balance if you're not about to strip your life of all the things you deem important.

We launched a Collection via our shop last year that clearly exemplifies that. It's a warm type of minimalism translated to blog design which you loved and you asked back. Clearly, we decided to relaunch that and here you find 6 Soft Minimal themes for your eyes, an blogs.

Photography: Fantastic Frank


Soft Minimalism

A children’s line founded by illustrator Kelli Murray and inspired by her own little ones. Rylee and Cru merges art and imagination, offering unique and artistic clothing for the modern child. The collection consists of quality basics that are each hand garment dyed, giving them a soft vintage feel right out of the box. The shapes are comfortable and the fabrics are soft, making dressing easy for baby and mum. Kelli's SS/2016 Collection is absolutely perfect. In a world of over-dressed kids, here comes a line that makes up for it and gives our tiny ones the freedom to dive into their adventures comfortably.

Photography: Unknown

Rylee + Cru

Zakkia is a Sydney based homewares brand, founded by Sara Lundgren - Sara specialise in Marketing Communications & Branding. She recently opened a stunning online shop called Zakkia which was founded in late 2012. Growing up in Sweden Sara was surrounded by design her entire childhood, and since moving to Bondi this passion grew even more as she was inspired by the natural beauty of her new environment. Zakkia was born by combining these two influences into a range of unique homewares and lifestyle products. The photos above are part of Zakkia's newest beautiful collection. Enjoy.

Styling: Corina Koch
Photography: Sam McAdam-Cooper
Via: The Design Files


Ryan Hopkinson's Strokes
Ryan Hopkinson and Andrew Stellitano’s Strokes celebrate the start of artistic endeavor, The project is a series of five images that seek to define a single paint stroke as a physical structure. The strokes appear suspended in mid air, and it is difficult to discern the scale or the purpose of the movement of each. “Each stroke is completely unique and hand made". The duo continues to create new projects forming new structures that will surely, captivate us one more time.

Photography: Ryan Hopkinson

Ryan Hopkinson's Strokes

Mother Minimalist
Mother's Day is around the corner and though I'm not one to make giftguides, I decided this time I'd just give you unsolicited advice about what I think would make great presents for moms who are also minimalists. Here's the list: This beautiful bottle opener by Umbra, the statement bag for a minimalist: Drawstring Purse by Baggu, the classic Arizona Sandals by Birkenstock - also perfect for Summer. This beautiful Mur Coat by Mango, the gorgeous CH24 Y Stuhl Chair by Carl Hansen, a minimal alarm clock by Menu. Gorgeous brass bluetooth speakers by Leff Amsterdam, the Strickpullover by Espirit, the Turning Table by Menu, this basic white sneakers by Mango. Sexy Yaschloe bra by Yas and last but not least this lovely Contour Key Ring (which I need) by Karl Zahn.
What would you like for Mother's Day?

Photography: Aesence

Mother Minimalist

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