Sophie Bille Brahe


Sophie Bille Brahe
I've been desperately looking for new ear and nose cuffs with no luck but yesterday I came across the wonderful Sophie Bille Brahe via La Garçonne and now I have a better idea of what I'm looking for. Sophie is a British Jewelry Designer based in Copenhagen. She offers pieces that reflect her thrill for storytelling and avant-garde design, always striving to crack modern luxury. She also did a lovely interview for La Garçonne where she talks about what inspires her to create.

Music Monday


M U S I C  M O N D A Y
The weekend flew by and I might have enjoyed it a little too much. I've been leaving the office more often these days and taking walks around the neighborhood down to the beach. I come home, stretch and practice yoga for as long as I can, it's becoming an addiction, both the walks and the yoga. Knowing this is going to be a very busy week and the chances or taking my walks are slim to none was making me anxious yesterday. Clearly, I needed to do something about it, my first through was moving my office around and reorganizing but I was too tired for that so I went with the second option, making a new mix for myself. Below is what I came up with. Have a beautiful week.



c o l l e c t i o n
It's been one of those days today and I'm in desperate need of inspiration. Somehow, making collages, planning layouts and the repetition of pasting these images keeps me sane. I'm working on several projects these days and all of them need my undivided attention. These are the type of things I do for myself, I also practice yoga and I take 10 minutes aside everyday to meditate. What do you do when you're having a difficult day?
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R E I I C H I  I K E D A
Reiichi Ikeda is a brilliant Japanese Designer and the mastermind behind these two stunning projects, Unkh and Nietzsche, a hair salon and a clothing store both based in Osaka. Reiichi's design projects go from renovation planning of houses and condominiums to shop interiors including restaurants, beauty salons, clothing boutiques, wedding facilities, and so on. His approach is not only to enhance the beauty of the Architecture but to add a decorative value in a minimalistic form.

Photos by Yoshiro Masuda

abiding essence


Abiding Essence
A beautiful Fashion Story for Nasty Magazine. One of my favorite magazines of all time in collaboration with the amazing Alexandra Von Fuerst. Nasty is a printed and online quarterly magazine which showcases fashion, art and culture with a radical attitude. More than hundreds talented artists, fashion designers, photographers have already been published on these pages, contributing with their visions to create a unique essay on the true heart of the contemporary aesthetic.

Photography: Alexandra Von Fuerst
Make up: Francesca Vatteroni
Styling: Diletta Cosmai
Model: Marta Kowalczyk

Moodboard 1511


M o o d b o a r d 1 5 1 1
It's a beautiful-windy day today and I'm going through piles of work. Somehow, I still love Mondays. I also needed some inspiration for this busy week and the images above seemed to inspire me this morning. Here's to a beautiful week.
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