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Heidi Lerkenfeldt’s pictures are known for their raw beauty, minimalistic composition and raw style. Her wonderful collaborations and her talented eye has propelled Heidi to becoming one of Minimalists' most favorite Photographers and we've repinned a gazillion of her images for clients such as Elle Decor, Ferm, Magasin and others equally as brilliant.

Whatever Heidi decides to do, it's always a treat to see.

Photography: Heidi Lerkenfeldt


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H&M Home
The cozy season is here and H&M as per usual has done it again with the launch of their new collection. The Art Direction and Photography for this project is flawless and clearly speaks of the company's vision to transform your home for the change of Season. I'm liking the rawness and texture of these walls more and more. If you're feeling inspired, head to the site and check out the entire collection.

Photography: Glen Proebstel and Pia Ulin

H&M Home

How To Curate A Minimalist Wardrobe
Talking about minimalism and cutting down on acquiring things is becoming more and more polemical... but it doesn't compare to what I’m about to do now: meddling with your wardrobes.

It’s a reality that people spend the most of their free income on fashion – and even when we value the power of those purchases that much, there’s still a universal, lingering feeling that there’s not enough clothes in one’s closet.

The common belief in any circle, no matter your social background, is that the more clothes we have, the better we dress – and that just isn’t true. Decision making is more difficult when we are swamped with useless options. Have you ever notice that the more clothes a person has the harder it is for that person to find the bulk of it enough?

People create the biggest resistance to living a Minimalistic life when it comes to the point of pairing down their wardrobes - and that is because there’s still the misconception that Minimalists are people with martyr complexes that only wear black or white and have 5 pieces of clothing hanging from a rack.

The truth is that it’s not about cutting down and wearing uniforms every day of the week. It’s not even about not having much – it’s about owning enough, it’s about quality over quantity and about not putting the value of your self-image in clothes.

I will admit when I started cutting down on my purchases I was more an idealist than a practitioner of the art of minimalism. I wanted to make my life easier and I wanted to be able to, in the first place, not want to desire buying clothes as deeply as I did – and instead invest that money in something of higher value.

What I eventually learned was that I was not only throwing money into purchases... but I was also letting go of the beauty of a simple, well-curated life – one with less decisions and more freedom.

Instead of owning 14 white shirts we could own 2 really quality ones... but that's easier said than done.

The truth is that minimalism looks different for everybody. Your life is not the same as mine. I not only work at home but I get ready for my afternoon gym session in the morning because it conditions me to actually work out instead of losing myself in my work, meaning: I live in gym clothes 5 days a week (which I love by the way).

Your situation might look very different, yet there are some principles than can help everyone when it comes to curating a minimalist wardrobe:

01. Clarify what’s most important for you. Is it quality or is it quantity?
02. Start easy by removing all eyesores from your closet. If there's anything there that resembles a rag (been there, done that) it's got to go!
03. Do not break the bank when shopping by getting four kind-of-good pieces when you can get one quality piece and take good care of it.
04. Divide your closet into two sections: Clothes you wear often and clothes you wear rarely. This exercise is very telling of our habits. We usually wear only 20% of the clothes we own... which makes it easier to let go.
05. Get comfortable with waiting. Instead of pulling the trigger on a purchase, sit on it for a while. It’s not your life’s mission to take advantage of a sale nor is it crucial for your image to buy something that you don’t absolutely need.

The beauty of knowing what to acquire when is that it makes us understand that we are the ones who wear our clothes, not them who wear us.

How do you curate your wardrobe?

Photography via Aritzia with thanks!

How To Curate A Minimalist Wardrobe

Minimalist Bathrooms by Clay
Clay is a bathroom furniture design/production company based in the Netherlands. They focus on their client's wishes when they design spaces–better than that, they accommodate those wishes to an environmentally friendly approach. Regardless of whether you're a Minimalist or not, the streamlined, Zen-inspired qualities of their spaces can put you in the right state of mind to face a hectic day. I'm finding it very difficult not to want to soak in that tub right now.

Via: Clay Bathrooms

Minimalist Bathrooms by Clay

New Interior Decoration Trends
Fall is coming... and with it my yearly obsession to soften the whiteness of my home and add more natural elements to the decor. I couldn’t be more excited to see this new wave of Fall trends for 2016 that are not exaggerated or overwhelmingly orange. I'm particularly fixated on the rawness of the colors and materials used in the apartment pictured above - and unsurprisingly I (once again) feel like I’ve found the perfect color for my walls. Since a lot of the elements in this home already match the look of objects I have scattered around my home, I will (in baby-step fashion) pull the trigger this time and give that beautiful textured wall a try. Because, why not?

Styling: Linnéa Salmén
Via: Fantastic Frank

New Interior Decoration Trends

Don't Throw
Your Siblings Under
The Bus
Sisters is a brand based in Istanbul and founded this 2016. Free Spirit is the first thing that comes to mind when you look at their site; evoked by the style of their photography and catch phrase "Don't Throw Your Siblings Under The Bus" – Sisters' mission is to put a light on positive women relationships and empower them through fashion. The genius behind the visuals is Designer Ozan Akkoyun who focused on the sartorial intersection between the unfussy L.A. style and casual French elegance.

Photography: Ozan Akkoyun

Don't Throw Your Siblings Under The Bus

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