New J.Crew


New J.Crew
I've been pleasantly surprised by J.Crew's new Collection. Saying this might be getting old but I cannot get over how wonderful camel and indigo colors look together. I've been having the hardest time keeping myself from buying coats because the weather is an never-ending Summer around here but I might splurge on one for my coming trips just because that's the perfect excuse.



Joanna Laajisto, the founder of Joanna Laajisto Creative Studio, is a Helsinki based interior architect and designer who has studied and made her career in the West Coast of United States. Prior to moving back to her native country Finland, she worked in Los Angeles at an international architect firm designing large scale commercial projects. Her project for I N T R O a Restaurant and Night Club based in Kuopio, Finland is one of my favorite projects, period — because all of Joanna's work is brilliant.

Music Monday


M u s i c   M o n d a y
It will be November in just a couple of days and as I face the fact that this year ran like water through my fingers I decided that for what's left of 2014 I'm going to go with the flow. Resisting makes no sense at this point, does it? So, I'm taking it a day at a time and working on some exciting projects with the thought in mind that sooner than later I'll be yelling Happy New Year! while sipping on bubbly. In between then and now, I'll make a couple more music mixes, take a few trips, spend some time with friends and enjoy life. Here are some songs I've been enjoying lately:



w i s h i n g
I've been on a wishful mood lately. It might have something to do with my coming trips and all the beautiful things my favorite shops are coming out with for Winter. First on my list something that I'm going to get no matter what because I'm passionately in love with the new Pocket Organizers by Normann Copenhagen. Next on my wish list and this almost goes all the way to daydream, this entire ensemble by Christophe Lemaire. This Tube Bangle by &OtherStories (Now in The Nederlands!). Continuing with my list and clear OCD issues: Afteroom Caddies by Menu. That gorgeous Camel Coat and Dress by Zara and last but not least this shoes I'm still trying to find the source for. What's on your list?



B E D R O O M   M M X I V
This wonderful bedroom project is a RE / EDIT creation and I'm obsessing over the entire project, textured walls and the feel of the photos above. This is a Serbian Interior Design Firm by Miloš Košanin, the genius behind this project. Who else wants to move in?

Asian Fall Vegetables


Asian Fall Vegetables
Kraut Kopf has quickly become my go-to food blog and this the recipe I'm itching to prepare. The way each recipe is presented and classified makes it extremely easy for someone with basic to pro cooking abilities to feel comfortable with giving them a try. The geniuses behind this masterpiece are Susann and Yannic, Berlin based Photographers and creative vegetarians have outdone themselves with a blog filled with Seasonal recipes that take you on a trip around the world without having to leave your home.

Photos by Susan and Yannic

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