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New Interior Decoration Trends
Fall is coming... and with it my yearly obsession to soften the whiteness of my home and add more natural elements to the decor. I couldn’t be more excited to see this new wave of Fall trends for 2016 that are not exaggerated or overwhelmingly orange. I'm particularly fixated on the rawness of the colors and materials used in the apartment pictured above - and unsurprisingly I (once again) feel like I’ve found the perfect color for my walls. Since a lot of the elements in this home already match the look of objects I have scattered around my home, I will (in baby-step fashion) pull the trigger this time and give that beautiful textured wall a try. Because, why not?

Styling: Linnéa Salmén
Via: Fantastic Frank

New Interior Decoration Trends

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Don't Throw
Your Siblings Under
The Bus
Sisters is a brand based in Istanbul and founded this 2016. Free Spirit is the first thing that comes to mind when you look at their site; evoked by the style of their photography and catch phrase "Don't Throw Your Siblings Under The Bus" – Sisters' mission is to put a light on positive women relationships and empower them through fashion. The genius behind the visuals is Designer Ozan Akkoyun who focused on the sartorial intersection between the unfussy L.A. style and casual French elegance.

Photography: Ozan Akkoyun

Don't Throw Your Siblings Under The Bus

How To Mindfully Achieve Balance
When it comes to leading a balanced life, I'm a true believer that while this is a very romanticized and idealistic thought in my own personal life, perfect balance is seldom achieved. This would mean I'd have to give equal attention to everything and everyone at all times... and being that circumstances are constantly changing, this might never be the case.

The reality is that we only look for balance because we live in constant pressure. If we learn to live intentionally we immediately take that out of the equation and automatically learn to live in the in-between.

A couple of years ago, I was working 20-hour days both at home and outside of home and doing extra hours, often consisting of 8 hours on a Saturday and 8 on a Sunday. Needless to say, I didn't need to have someone telling me I was going to have a breakdown. I did. 

Life and work are sometimes a matter of redefining and reshuffling to me. The same way I rearrange my living room, I rearrange the how, when and where I do things. Focusing too much on balance itself deviates from doing what’s important when it's needed.

I’ve always thought about this subjet with a bit of guilt - that is until I realized there's nothing wrong with shifting my focus and giving my undivided attention to what feels to be the most important thing to me at that time. In order to do that, I needed to learn not only to be very perceptive and aware of the needs of those around me, but also my own needs. 

For the most part, this advice will sound like a list of no-brainers but more often than not it’s the simplest, most practical things that we overlook that brings us the highest benefits:

The first shift you need to make is realizing that taking care of yourself is not selfishness – it in fact allows you a sense of readiness when it comes to taking care of things and people other than yourself. There's no point in trying to achieve so much and slide towards a breakdown.

Just as kids need boundaries, we – the infamous breed of workaholics, also need them: carefully planned 8-10 hour work-days with breaks in between and a way to draw a line between work time and personal time are crucial.

I’m not saying you should have it all together but you should strive every day to see your work tools (desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone) as your "place of work", understanding that if you’re off the clock, you shouldn't even be near those tools. Making a pledge to simple shifts like: Neither will you eat at your desk nor take it with you while I'm on holiday.

Although I find exercise to be of utmost importance in my life, this point has nothing to do with it. It has to do with being stuck in your office for long periods of time.

This little change will make an incredible difference in your life.

I frequently use my office for my design work but once I'm in the replying to emails stage, I move to a different location every day. I set my times and I dedicate myself to that – fully aware of what I’m doing.

These tiny shifts of location can help you, honestly, not to lose your mind.

When a pressing matter consumes your every waking moment or you get sick (as with every other human being), you need to learn to listen what your body is trying to tell you. Be safe that the internet will be OK without you and that you will be OK without it.

If something goes terribly wrong, then you'll have the time to explain yourself, apologize and move on. Of course, I could only get to this point after getting sick and realizing that although I am a very responsible and hardworking person, we all experience misfortune and have our ups and downs.

There’s a time to be productive but there’s also a time to feed our bodies and our souls and the latter shouldn't be at the mercy of how much we are able to get done in a day.

Wrap It Up
At the end of each day, go through all the things in your productivity list. If there are things you didn't manage to do within those 8-10 hours, simply move them to the next day.

Closing off your day means you have already gone through your set work hours and that you need to regroup. Forcing yourself to work further can result in sloppy work and work that you’re not proud of. Don't be ashamed to log out – confident that you did everything you could and enjoy some special time of cell regeneration, otherwise known as sleep. 

When you start your days, Do not jump in with both feet too fast. Waking up early and allowing yourself a leeway of 30 minutes to 1 hour can benefit you more and make your mind and home less frantic in the morning.

Easing into your routine is something you can condition yourself to. Maybe even try a few minutes of meditation, sitting in the quiet and stillness of the morning. 

After these bits of advice, the most important advice I always give, is to do whatever's best for you and your family. Remember that all of this will one day pass... so treasuring everything in the mix, not only work is important. 

Be honest to yourself and to the ones who rely on you. You cannot do everything but you sure can do enough.

How do you maintain balance?

Photography: Ana Degenaar (From my latest roadtrip).

How To Mindfully Achieve Balance

RaFa Kids
RaFa-kids originated from the shared dream of two architects: Agatha and Arek. Agata takes care of the esthetic side of the designs. Arek is the technical brain of the duo. Their mission as parents of Robert and Frank (hence the name Ra-Fa) is to make good and affordable quality design objects for children and they do that and beyond. Their classing K-shaped desk for all ages and their new shelf collection are my absolute favorite. They've used beautiful Finnish birch and gotten inspired by all the treasury children save for this project.

Photography: Ra-Fa Kids

RaFa Kids

Coconut Yoghurt with Blackberries, Cocoa Nibs and Bee Pollen
When you read this, I’ll be perusing the beautiful Brazilian coastal city of Natal, eating some of the purest açaí bowls in the world... and very probably still thinking about this simple yet delicious recipe. I’ve been on a health stint lately and I couldn’t be enjoying it more than I am right now - making every decision in my day count. I don’t know if you knew: Coconut and Cocoa Nibs are the best decisions – always. I’m sorry, I don’t make the rules.

Renee Kemps – A talented Photography based out of Amsterdam and London – is responsible for re-awakening my passionate affair with both because her recipe hits your taste buds up just the way they like it. Renee also includes a recipe for Double Chocolate Brownie with whipped Creme Fraîche Cream and toasted Hazelnuts. I know.

Photography: Renee Kemps

Coconut Yoghurt with Blackberries, Cocoa Nibs and Bee Pollen

How Minimalism will Improve Your Blog
If you are a Blog Milk reader or client, chances are you are part of the growing percent of the world’s population who has an interest in Minimalism. Though Minimalism is not new, it’s been highly popularized these days by a wave of brilliantly detailed designed products - from physical products to virtual goods, minimalism is all around us.

In my journey with Minimalism I’ve understood several key things – The most important one being that Minimalism is not the lack of something but a focus on the things that are of utmost importance.

As a Designer, one of my biggest concerns when creating items for Blog Milk is to be able to add value to every section of a blog or website. It’s not just about having less but about having a reason behind everything that will exist on your blog. The more emphasis those elements have, the more and better results you get - this is not to say that visuals are everything, they’re not... but they’re definitely the first thing that attracts a visitor.

There’s a misconception that Minimalism deprives us of emotion, of color, femininity or warmth - this is far from the truth: Minimalism can also be all of that. It’s the interconnection of things which you display what gives you (1) the readers, (2) the clicks, (3) the followers and (4) eventually the great relationships that we’re able to create through Blogging.

In the years that I’ve grown in this Minimalism world and challenged myself to create better themes with each collection, I’ve realized that people who dip their toes into the Minimalism world won’t look back any time soon. The effect that Minimalism has in someone’s life is far more beneficial than anything that we can ever accumulate - as it has an inherent way of allowing us to do more and achieve more while doing and having less.

Whether you have a Blog Milk theme or not here are 3 steps you can take in order to achieve focus in your Blogging career:

Visual Focus

Allow more negative space in your visuals. The spacing between each element, image or text can create a perfect experience for the reader so they can easily drive their focus to x object and truly submerge themselves in it. Negative space simple refers to the space that it's unused. The more breathing space you give your images and text, the better the experience for the visitor.

Content Focus

Mean what you say. Always make sure that you’re giving the readers valuable information or entertaining content without adding to the already noisy world of information we live in. Draw a simple template for your posts by simply answering questions about any given topic. e.g. If I talk about a new shop or brand, I'd ask myself basic but purpose-driven questions like:

Who? created or established the brand
Where? is it located
What? do they create
Why? do I think it has value

Process Focus

Always, and I mean always: Plan ahead. Think about what your next week will look like at the beginning of Friday and settle on x amount of posts to publish. Commit to those without stressing about how much more you could be doing if you had to sacrifice more time. This guarantees that those x amount of posts that will go live are going to be of quality and value to your readers.

This is just one of the topics that I’ll be diving deeper into in my book it's something that's easy to do and increases our ability to produce and impact your readers in a very positive way. This content is also part of what I share via newsletter every Wednesday. If you haven't signed up yet, you are missing out. I hope to see you there next Wednesday for a special edition.

As always, let me know your thoughts on this.

Graphic: Ana Degenaar
Photograhy: Chris Tonnesen
Styling:Per Olav Sølvberg

How Minimalism Will Improve Your Blog

The New Minimal



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