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Milking Stools
UM Project just made me smile with these photos of their stunning milking stools and their NGL Table. I some times browse through shops and make a very expensive order in my head. Like I just did on their site. All the white stools and an NGL Table to go (!) Merci.

UM stands for Users and Makers - Not so long ago, life was made of simple connections. Knowing who bakes your bread, who tailors your suit or builds your house. This is what we do. Designing and manufacturing furniture, one piece at a time or in series. To do this, we invest a lot of time and passion. But really, the piece starts to live only with our user(s). It is a never-ending story.

François Chambard Just gave me a thousand reasons to want to be a maker and not only just a dreamer. I like people who are empowered and empower others through their businesses - My homework for the weekend is "To Make Something". Care to join?

Happy weekend!


  1. Oh my, I like so much this kind of furniture, is so delicate.

    PS: I have to buy a blog milk template!

  2. Estos son preciosos, Ana! Deben costar un ojo de la cara, no? J.

  3. That white stools; what can I say...charming!
    Have the best weekend!

  4. yay!!! i sooo want one or 3 - i love them. i could use them for so many things around my lill apartment.

  5. these are so sweet- would look precious in a nursery!

  6. Oh you find the most clever things!
    Happy weekend Ana~

    1. I think the same of you, Anna! Thank you for this sweet comment. It made my day.

  7. This is so great. I just posted some stools like this today and had no idea it was called milking! LOVE!
    XO . T



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