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Ombre Raindrops Print
It is the day after Carnival and it seems like the entire town was swept clean. While everybody was celebrating, traveling and partying their hearts-out I tried to keep our celebration as low-key as possible. I did party a little, just a little and enough to make me want to join the travelers next year for some proper rest time. Emma and I did have a lot of time to play around. I made so many little printable things I cannot put them in one post so let's get started with this Ombre Raindrops Print which now hangs from her bedroom wall. It's raining buckets here and she learned at rainy day song at School so this is my way of getting in her head and persuade her to sing the song every time she sees it.
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  1. Andrea va a amar esto, Ana. Gracias querida! J.

  2. Carnival and ombré raindrops? Sounds absolutely perfect.

  3. Oh I am loving this print. So simple and just plain pretty.

  4. Not sure if you could be any more talented lady! This is too cute.

    1. I'm blushing but I truly think I could never beat you... Not that it's a competition. Just love your blog to bits.

  5. This is so beautiful. There is not a single time I come here when I don't get blown away buy something. This time it's raindrops. : o )

  6. this is so cute :)

  7. I've been looking for raindrops and these are perfectly lovely!

  8. I live in Oregon. This is perfect. Thank you!


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