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Music Monday ?
I'm dying to go on a road trip, friends. It's been rainy and blue around here and the possibilities of that happening any time soon are very* slim. I decided to give myself a little push with this mix and try to patiently wait for the right time. Patience doesn't come easy for me but I must admit it's helped. A few months ago I went on a coastal road trip and drove vintage van that smelled like the 1970's (sigh)... and by vintage I mean falling-apart-old. I loved it. Maybe it's just that I've been spending too much time indoors lately but I'm desperate need of fresh air and sightseeing. With no more ado, Blog Milk presents:

Road Trip (how creative):
01 Myth - Beach House
02 Genesis - Grimes
03 True Romance - Citizens!
04 Everything Happens For The First Time - Eli Mardock
05 Neptune - Lemonade
06 The Clapping Song - Shirley Elis
07 A Real Hero - College
08 Marathon Runner - Yellow Ostrich
09 This Will Be Our Year - Memory House
10 Forest Gump - Frank Ocean


  1. loving this mix!
    we're going to go on a road trip soon in an old vw in ca, i'm so excited and have never done anything like it. do you have any tips?

    1. Oooooh! I have tons! So excited for you!

      1. Clean the car hahaha! This I didn't follow
      2. Pack Summer and Au tum clothes
      3. Don't have a plan, mark all the "must-see" places but try to go with the flow as much as you can.
      4. Take one camera and several batteries and memory cards
      5. Experience the most local thing at each place you stop
      6. Have all your documents in line and ready for "the cops"
      7. Take non-perishable goods with you, like beef jerky (my fave) + Good music (tons of it).
      8. Buy a map before you travel and searcher on the "internets"
      9. Stay at a nice hotel the last night
      10. Eat lots (for me too) ;)

      Enjoy it, darling!

  2. Great mix! There are songs in that playlist that I have been playing a lot this summer. Definitely makes one hell of a roadtrip mix... Your story about driving up the coast in an old vintage van gave me chills. Those are the moments that I often dream about. :) ...there is no better feeling then leaving everything behind and getting in your car and DRIVING. I just got back from a HWY1 road trip.. and I am already craving to go back!

    1. Thank you, Latrina! Road trips are life-changing. I also went to a trip from Panama to Colombia in 2007 and it was pretty amazing. I write diary pages for my daughter and this is advice #17 Go on a road trip :) Thank you so much for commenting! xx

  3. This mix is perfect-I'm suddenly desperate to hop in the car and drive just as far as I can!

    1. I wish we could hop on a van and road trip together!



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