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Karla Spetic

I recently stumbled upon Karla Spetic's website and (amazing!) clothing line and in a dull rainy morning her welcome page made. my. day. It must be my developer/designer head but little things like this brighten up my day.

Karla was seven when the war of independence broke out in Croatia. Her family moved to Germany and then returned to Croatia while they planned their next steps. They arrived as refugees in Australia in 1993. Karla was 10.

I not only loved browsing through her site but I'm also in love with her personal story and her incredible drive. Karla's interview with "The Dreamers" was truly inspiring and the quote below was the dose of motivation I needed:

“I never ever consider giving up,” she states emphatically. “Sure, it gets hard when things go wrong… but things always work out in the end. I love what I do and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else, so I never think of giving up when I’ve worked so hard to get to where I am now. I don’t want to throw it all away … I’m motivated because I’m always learning something new and I have creative freedom. It’s so exciting.”



  1. oh, how adorable.. have to get a closer look .. and love love the Gif of course! ;)

  2. Her interview with The Dreamers is interesting; I liked reading a bit about her story. It's also kind of inspiring that even though she was very critical of her own work, she still put it out and persevered. I think often we get bogged down by our self-criticism to the point that we are afraid to just DO what we really want to do. Her work is so, so refreshing. It's so modern, elegant, and simple. Nice find.

    1. I agree, Maria! That truly lifted up my spirits. Thank you so much for your comment and kindness.

  3. This collection is phenomenal!

  4. Do you know what this dress is called?



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