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Giveaway: Bu! Blankie
This morning I announced via Twitter that I'd be hosting 3 giveaways simultaneously via Facebook, Twitter and this lovely space. With no more ado here is a little something for the little ones: Win a Bu! Blankie from Little Red Stuga by leaving a comment below and telling us 3 fun facts about your wee ones.

The giveaway closes on April 1st and the winner will be announced via Facebook on April 2nd.
Good luck!


  1. Oh my gosh this is ridiculous (in a very good way!) How awesome is that? Very!

    three fun facts about my wee ones
    1-Enzo and Maria are best friends.
    2-Baby Eliza thinks her toes are the coolest. And they are!
    3-My kids can speak 2 languages.

  2. the blankie is fantastic!

    1. my daughter can play harmonica and guitar simultaneously
    2. my son can walk faster than me backwards ;)
    3. my son is best friends with our German Shepherd!

    thx! shari

  3. That is so cute Ana! I don't have a wee one yet... but hopefully soon {we are in the adoption process!}

  4. My daughter Maria would love this blankie.
    #1 She is 4 and plays the violin
    #2 She's a vegan
    #3 She talks in her sleep.
    Thank you for this give away, Anna!

  5. absolutely adore this blankie!

    + 4yo daughter eats sleeps and breathes the color pink
    + gives all her stuffed animals a kiss good night before taking a nap
    + will dance and sing you a song if you are sad

  6. Gorgeous blanket!

    1. when my son leo gets dressed on his own he opts for a lions head hat and a pair of swimming goggles. very practical.
    2. he loves running round the house with a teatowel on his head (hence why he'd love this blanket!)
    3. he eats sausages two at a time (one in each hand)

  7. what an eclectic web store. i'm loving these blankets.
    my daughter aurora. . .

    *drinks an alarming amount of water everyday. the girl knows how important it is to stay hydrated.
    *loves to dance to jazz and reggae
    *takes two glorious naps a day. so that beautiful blanket could get some good use.




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