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02. BTB - My favorite Summer Dessert
In honor of Back to Basics week I decided to post about something very close to my heart. Food.

Summer is one of my favorite seasons for cooking, dining out with friends and being able to make concoctions such as this "Grilled Pineapple With Coconut Gelato, Caramel and Thai Basil". I know, it sounds very complicated... but it is the simplest thing in the world.

What You Need:01
01. A Small Ripe Pineapple Tip: In Brazil I learned that the easiest way to pick a pineapple since you cannot go for the "squeeze" method is to check for bruises, smell for a sweet aroma and pull on one of the pineapple leaves: if it comes out without your pulling to hard, then it's ready.
02. Good quality Coconut Gelato
03. Thai Basil Leaves
04. One Tablespoon organic raw sugar

What You Need To Do:
01. Cut the pineapple into small wedges
02. Grill it on a charcoal grill until the sweetness develops
03. Put the wedges on tin foil, sprinkle with sugar and make a package with the foil, transferring back to the grill until the sugar melts and bubbles up
04. Serve and Enjoy!

What's your favorite Summer treat? Do share.


  1. your blog is so delicate and neat. Always love to come back and see what's new

  2. Wow - that looks and sounds delicious. We've been grilling all sorts of fruit this summer and just eating it plain. Our favorite so far has been peaches. We'll definitely give this one a whirl.



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