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A little bit of Africa
I've been updating my home decor these days and in the process I noticed that a lot of the things in my home are made of natural, raw materials and most of them come from Africa or India. I truly don't know what it is but I feel very comforted by raw wood, bamboo and other natural bits that I have scattered around my home. I'm not sure if you'd relate to that feeling but after seeing these beautiful photos by Bruno Tarsia for Elle Decor UK you probably will. Yes?


  1. these are great! i love how it still looks light and clean, even with all the different textures and materials.

  2. We agree with you!! Our house feel more fresh and peaceful with natural raw materials...also those pictures are amazing!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

    We have today an art project in our blog for those who would like to decorate their walls, come and take a look!! ;)



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