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Your Questions Answered
Finally, right? I know.
Well, first of all I need to thank each and every one of you for your interest, for your appreciation and your time. It truly makes my day when I see a personal email from you. I try to reply very quickly either with the answer to your question or to let you know I have read it and will be making a post about it if I know It will take more time or there's something I need to ponder. As I mentioned on an earlier post, life has been incredibly hectic this year. I'm trying to figure out a way to reply to every one of your questions and not bore you with long-winded posts. If you have any suggestions, please drop a line. For now, I've figured I can make posts with 10 questions at a time. There are some about blogging and some about myself. Please, feel free to tell me if you'd like me to organize questions by subject or if medleys like this one are ok.

01. How do you stay encouraged? This is a very good question. Every Blogger would understand that at some point staying encouraged is the hardest thing of all. I have experienced this many times and at different stages of my blogging life and it's normal. I don't have a recipe to avoid it but I do usually take a step back so that I can allow myself to see the bigger picture. It is also very helpful to determine your reasons for doing this and where your passion comes from.

02. It really affects me when people unfollow me, how do you deal with that? I tend to not take anything personally. The thing about followers is that they are there for very different reasons and you might not even know why they are following you. People might follow you because they relate to you, because you inspire them, because they like your content, because they want you to follow them back... Whatever the reason is, they will only stay there as long as those "needs" are being met. In the end isn't better if only the people that truly want to be there, are there? I understand that numbers play an important part when it comes to blogs and social media and I'd never judge people for wanting to up their following but once this starts affecting you personally it should be addressed. Maybe this is not what you would like to hear but this is my honest opinion. If anyone wants to add to it or give a different opinion please do.

03. What do you dislike about Blogging? I had to think a lot about this one. There's nothing that I dislike about Blogging, really. I probably used to dislike many things in the past but now I see blogging as a tool and I see myself as the person who controls it. I spend as much time as I decide to and get as invested as I want so, in reality it's about how I use my blog that makes the experience positive or negative for me. How about you guys? What do you dislike?

04. I find it hard not to compare my blog/life to others here, how do you stay happy? I won't lie to you, I'm not happy all the time but most of it, yes. I've seen people comment and write about this over and over again so excuse me if some of my opinions sound repetitive. Personally, I tend to not make any assumptions about other people's lives, I believe that's key in this little world. I also tend to be genuinely happy for others and their success. Now, that doesn't mean I'm not competitive or challenge myself or want the same things to happen to me but I see myself as my only competition and I realize that the definition of success may be very different for me than it is to others. I feel very lucky that I work with other Bloggers on a daily basis. Speaking to these people in a real life setting is eye-opening and humbling. You realize that they also hurt, they also strive, that everyone starts somewhere and most importantly that everyone is sharing the best parts of their lives. Even being a workaholic I admit that this is not the biggest part of my life, there are other things that make me feel successful so I try to focus on those too.

05. Any advice for workaholics? Don't forget to live. Sometimes the biggest changes, the most inspiring moments and the most fulfilling ones come when we are not so invested in our work. When we find a passion for life outside of it and when we give some of us to others. I know this is easier said than done, I love my job and everything that surrounds it. I love learning new things, meeting new people and everything that comes in the package but I have to admit that being bombarded by all this media has held me back on several occasions so I try to force myself to stick to a schedule and be realistic when it comes to setting goals and meeting deadlines.

06. What do you do to relax? It truly depends on my mood. I usually go for a walk, have some quality time with friends or take a hot bath and go to bed early. Recently, I've also found that chatting to E about crazy subjects relaxes me. My problems seem so little when you compare then to the big issues of a 5 year old who is the only girl at School with unpierced ears. Now, that's heavy.

07. What's in your bag? I know, this should have been a full post with images and the whole shebang but since this keeps coming up so often and it's taken me ages to make this post well use our imagination, yes?. Ok, I literally just pulled everything out of my bag for this: My iPhone, wallet, shades, phone charger, earphones, a notebook, 4! pencils (now we know what I hoard), 2 Miffy hair clips (guess who those belong to), a necklace, a magazine, a small bag with 2 lipsticks, thermal spring water spray, hand cream and a bunch of bobby pins, coins and sand. Yes. Sand.

08. Where do you find the energy to do everything you do? This answer might be disappointing or boring... or both but I exercise and eat well. I know this might sound absolutely impossible to do when you are feeling exhausted and discouraged and it used to seem very unfair to me that in order to gain energy you needed to do even more but it is a fact. Now, eating right is something that you naturally become aware of once you start exercising. You'll feel encouraged to take care of what you put into your body and believe it or not, this takes care of your mind. It's incredible how simple changes like eating at the right times and the right foods can eliminate exhaustion, mood swings and pretty much keep you happy.

09. What has blogging taught you? Blogging has taught me to be patient, to appreciate my privacy, to not take myself too seriously, to appreciate how creative and giving other people are and to not want anything more or less than what I have.

10. What's your favorite quote at the moment? "When nothing is sure, everything is possible"
― Margaret Drabble


  1. Thanks for your sharing Ana!!!!

  2. I simply adore your answers–and your powerful perspective on all things blogging.

    1. I'm so happy to hear that, Lena! Thank you for the encouragement, it's always needed. xoxo

  3. Your words are more impactful than you can realize! I read many of your insights over and over again just to let them sink in. #encouraged

    Thank you so very much!

    (Also, I very much like the 10 question medley ...)

    1. It's so lovely to read this. Thank you for stopping by, for the encouragement and your kindness. Have the loveliest day.



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