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Branding: Ízlelő
I've had my eye on this project by Eszter Laki for a long time now and today was the perfect time to share because we all need some green in our lives, am I right? - The main goal of the Ízlelő Project (a wordplay in hungarian, meaning a 'Taster' / 'to find a taste') is to promote handcrafted products, local markets and all the restaurants which use high quality hungarian ingredients with an online database. The long-term target is to let the traditional handcrafted hungarian food to be more available in major departments, kitchen shelves, family dining tables, and also to teach people how essential it is to buy from local markets, taste the fresh, household products. See more projects by Eszter via Behance.


  1. Their branding is sure well designed. Love the packaging and all details. Hug Ana.



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