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Taking A Breathing Break
I don't know if you'd agree but life on my side of the woods is a constant up and down these I've decided to not fight it and just go with the flow. To be very honest, this is harder for me than just keeping on going but after years and years of doing this I know better (sort of) and if I don't stop now, life and exhaustion will force me to.

All that to say, lovelies... I'm taking a 2 week break from blogging. I cannot thank you enough for how lovely and patient you are when times out here get rough. In the meantime there are a few things you can do so we can stay connected, you can follow on Facebook and take advantage of the Giveaway closing today, see what we're up to via Upbeet Juice on Instagram, keep in touch via Twitter or just make a mental note that I'll be coming back soon.

Have a great Summer time and soak up the sun before it's gone. Peace and light.

Photo by Lauretta Suter


  1. Enjoy a bit of a break–it's so good from time to time to disconnect!

  2. Completely agree with you. Life has been fluctuating so much recently. Enjoy your break! :)



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