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The weekend flew by and I might have enjoyed it a little too much. I've been leaving the office more often these days and taking walks around the neighborhood down to the beach. I come home, stretch and practice yoga for as long as I can, it's becoming an addiction, both the walks and the yoga. Knowing this is going to be a very busy week and the chances or taking my walks are slim to none was making me anxious yesterday. Clearly, I needed to do something about it, my first through was moving my office around and reorganizing but I was too tired for that so I went with the second option, making a new mix for myself. Below is what I came up with. Have a beautiful week.

01. All Through The Night - Sleeping At Last
02. Another - Seekae
03. Blush - Wolf Alice
04. Sunny - Hippie Sabotage
05. Boris - Lo-Fang
06. Autumn Sun - Emilíana Torrini
07. I Miss You - Ta-ku
08. Let's Go Instinct - Fanfarlo
09. Smoke and Mirrors - Agnes Obel
10. Freedom - MØ

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  1. `Sleeping At Last´ is just awesome. I love this playlist and it would work great with yoga and a cuppa chai to ease into a new work week. Have a lovely week, hun!

    1. You too, darling! I'm trying getting back to Yoga, I'm glad you liked the playlist. Love.

  2. i love walking and yoga so much. running is another favorite. i was feeling so anxious and down until this afternoon when i forced myself to go for a run, and when i came back it was like i was a different person. isnt that crazy?! ;)

    1. I used to love running so much... Pure freedom. Thanks so much for stopping by. xx

  3. Yoga and cycling + my time, my thoughts, precious time in my crazy daytime … such a shame that we live on different continents

    1. I have to agree. We're definitely kindred spirits. I might make it your way some time next year. I've had the impulse to travel more this year but after the move I simply didn't find the passion back. I cannot cycle here but I miss that too. Love and light!



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