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Days have been long recently - and after all the ups and downs I'm incredibly grateful and happy to finally be launching our new Spring / Summer Collection for Blogger. I've been itching to sit on front of my computer and code away having all our clients' requests in mind. Given the fact that I've been ill and that the weather in Brazil has been highly unpredictable these days, I finally got to the other end of this labor of love... and I couldn't be happier.

I truly (and I kid you not) love what I do. I'm willing to strive for it. For every email you send, for every happy client and for every time I see one of you rise to the top and welcome a new face in your life. Thank you for allowing me to do this. Thank you for getting to know me and for being so patient between collections. This one goes out to you. To the dreamers, to the Bloggers who are hanging on to hear good news, to the ones who feel shy and lost, to the ones who've made it and the ones who are "this close" too.

Love to you all.
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