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How To Curate Better Blog Content
Much like magazine editors, Bloggers have to be on top of our game and know about current events and trends that are in sync with our style and vision but as important as that is, curating content is not only about that. The process of content curation is all about caring for those things that you are deciding to showcase on your blog, in fact, the Latin meaning for the word Curae is: Care.

Here are 5 tips to take better care when you curate:

Be Yourself
It is key that you understand what your style is in this story. That will automatically discard a million subjects and ideas that will not resonate with your readers and yourself. Being yourself is also important because that is the only way that you will be able to back up and defend what you post. Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder and people might not agree with your opinion sometimes. Make sure everything you share reflects you.

Be Current
Among all the beautiful things that are out in this virtual world, there are many that are lovely... but outdated. People, myself included, get excited about current things. It's part of our nature. Make sure you are current so people can relate to your content.

Be Fearless
I used to be very worried about stepping on people's toes. Saying the wrong thing or posting something that someone would find offensive worried me to no-end (let's say a nipple shot) to the point of keeping me up at night. Truth is just as in large online publications, each article is a representation of trends, art and personal likes. Depriving yourself from posting something that is not damaging, racist and offensive, but simply different, is a huge disservice. There a millions of Bloggers out there now. All of whom are trying to be original. The best road to take is that of being yourself and going with your gut.

Be Picky
If I could count the many things I've liked and loved over the past years, that I've ended up not sharing on my blog, there would be enough to put even the most obsessive Instagrammer to shame. Yes, there are many things I'm passionate about - but are not part of my editorial because either the story behind it or the images made for that specific project or product do not grab me as much as the idea itself. Being picky is a must. It's one more way to make sure you can stand behind what you post about and make sure you are open and loyal to your readers. 

Be Passionate
Love what you post about and be curious enough to want to know more about them. For me, there's no worse thing than trying to be enthusiastic about something I don't fully love. Lack of passion is evident to those who visit you daily. Make sure you give them your own point of view and connect them to those things you love.

You don't have to be an Artist to be able to curate. We all see beauty in our own way and that's our power. Do not compare your abilities to anyone else. Put blinders on those blogs that you so fiercely admire and start creating a story of your own, your opinions and passions matter and they bring something new to the blogging world.

Photography: Auréien Brion and Ikea


  1. Excellent and thoughtful advice, as always!

  2. It's very true about being picky. Naturally we all what to share everything we love and I've particularly struggled with what posts are just written for personal reasons.

    Thanks for the advice :)


  3. Gheria reflects your inner light!
    I invite you to discover Gheria at our website.

  4. Great advice!

    My biggest struggle is "being fearless". I'm learning more and more each day to live that way, but it's scary at first to put yourself and ideas out there.

    Everything is so public these days and everyone has an opinion, and I agree it's best to be honest and post what you love!




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