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The Mind Of A Chef
I've been currently loving (rather obsessing over) a show narrated by the unapologetic and always interesting, Anthony Bourdain and very often replicating some of the mind-blowing yet, simple recipes I see on the show. The Mind of a Chef is that rare and beautiful thing: an intelligent show about cooking. The show follows two great culinary figures from their home kitchens to destinations around the globe in search of ingredients, inspiration and the perfect meal. It is impossible, and I assure you of that, to watch this show and not end up feeling highly passionate about the simplest of produce. Roland Persson's photos reminded me of that feeling of respect and love for food. His spectacular use of colors and light is breath-taking. Don't you think?

Images: Skarp Agent


  1. I LOVE Anthony Bourdain an could watch him for hours! I´ve seen The Mind of a Chef on Netflix but didn´t watch it actually - thanks for leading me to my next obsession!

    If you enjoy watching cooking shows, I can recommend Nigel Slater - he whips up such simple and lovely meals without being too fidgety, it´s delightful!


    1. oh, i'm sure you'll love it then :) he mostly narrates the show but it's so fun. people are so passionate and informative. i adore it. xx



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