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Samuji Pre-Fall
Since I rarely ever get the time to blog I've decided that every time I see something that catches my eye and I feel the need to share, I will. I convinced myself that that is more "organic" - what that really means is 1:00am posts might be coming your way 'cause I'm sick or busy or both some times. So... I just stumbled upon Samuji's Pre-Fall Collection images and I had to take a deep breath. Who wouldn't like this pictures, I thought. Then again, this is a free world and one or two hard-butt critics might now.

Not that you asked but personally, I think it's one of the most beautifully photographed collections I've seen in a while. It's like they had every detail come together in such way that they effortlessly created a true master piece. No I'm not being endorsed by Samuji in any way though I wish I was. A girl can dream, right? - You can read more about this jaw-dropping project and get to know more about Samuji and it's creator Samu Koski. I'm positive you'll like that.

Photography via: Samuji

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