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Silke Bonde's Looking Closer
Silke Bonde is a Graphic designer and Artist based in Copenhagen. She's also my (and most probably one of your) favorite Artists. Her beautiful printed pieces are not only stunning but inspiring. Silke's "Looking Closer" Collection encourages us to take a closer look at nature and its elements; to ponder and notice all patterns and the evolution of the elements. The use of blue and green tones are characteristic of Northern nature and its beautiful, natural palette. Silke works with watercolors to symbolize the organic shapes found in the exterior. Her minimalist approach takes us right to the Northern Countries, giving us a taste of the stillness found in the outdoors.

You can find these and more prints from Silke Bonde via her online shop and you can get free shipping by purchasing two or more prints. For more of Silke's work see her Instagram account or take a walk through Copenhagen with her.

Photography: Studio Oink



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