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The Fabulous
Études Studio
Études Studio is a savage Fashion House for men that creates far beyond clothes, they also offer highly creative services: Art direction, Consulting, Photography, Graphic and Product Design. They're the epitome of a flawless designed and developed brand, from their Shop to every single campaign and fashion show, Études knows how to put their stamp in every detail. The Studio was born in France and that's not to anyone's surprise, right? Is there anything the beautifully-minded French can't do?

Their stunning Paris Store and Office space was designed by an equally fabulous Architectural Studio: Ciguë and the result is so exciting that it's almost hard to put this into words. Some of the features include poured light gray concrete floors, grey glass display bench, directional halogen spotlights and birch plywood counters. The result is an open, soft industrial style that exudes the feel of everything touched by Études. Office goals, anyone?

Photography: Études



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