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New Blogger & Wordpress Themes
A big thank you all of you who have once again made a new, breathtaking and responsive collection possible. Over the years, Blog Milk has had the best of clients in terms of encouragement and collaboration.

This collection is to honor our clients who are constantly in search of beautifully elegant ways to express themselves. We felt the need to vindicate our minimalistic views and passion, and wanted to dispel the misconception that being a Minimalist deprives us of indulgence and that it is neither sustainable nor functional.

My personal views on minimalism are exactly that: A way to sustain, simplify and make use of every last detail in a design. In this light, our new collection is crystal clean and makes it a cinch for both starter and pro-bloggers alike to use.

I designed 6 new responsive and SEO friendly themes for you and we will only make available 15 issues of each theme. Each of these themes has everything you need: each in turn expressing itself distinctly, enhancing different areas of your content. We are incredibly proud to have created seamless canvasses, which our clients can put their very own mark on.

The Wordpress themes in this collection are underway — and since we know a lot of you have been anxiously sitting tight for this news, we’ve wanted to launch a pre-sale. A new mailing list will be created for the clients who are re-ordering the themes and we will keep you informed each step of the way until you get your new theme in your inbox.

All themes will be delivered between January 31st—February 13th and custom installations will also be scheduled upon completion.

We absolutely know that this collection is going to knock your socks off.

Feel free to continue to make requests and send us feedback. This one goes out to you.

Ana Degenaar + The Blog Milk Team



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