Welcome to Blog Milk Blog (or simply Blog Milk, and the whole Blog Milk Blog thing is a mouthful and somewhat redundant). You have come across the main venting grounds for Emily Varney, a creative writer and blogger from Minnesota. Katie is often referred to as a strange duck. She likes to speak about herself in the third person. She likes it when things are weird. You know, awkward. A little bit like, “what exactly is going on here? I’m confused.” If that’s how you feel right now, then Emily’s blog is probably something you’ll want to read more of.

You see, that norm in writing can often get a little drab. Same old, same old. Who wants to hear that day in day out? Well, Emily doesn’t. That much is for sure. That’s why she’s trying to change it up every time she puts out something new. She doesn’t want to blend in with everything else out there. Weird is just one way of achieving that. Not the only way, but one way. And this one way is the only way that Emily chooses to make it happen. Are you catching the drift? Fantastic, you’re going to do just fine here.

So, read a little bit, if you please. Share a lot, because more readers is always a good thing. Plus, if your friends like what you share you may very well go down in history as the person who shared Blog Milk Blog with the world – even if that “world” is just the small circle of friends you converse with. That’s enough, we’ll work with it. So don’t be afraid! Sharing is caring, after all.